Project “Njegujmo život” by the Miss World Croatia Board of Directors collected 6400 kn for DEBRA

We are excited to share that the Board of Directors of Miss World Croatia dedicated this year’s humanitarian project to DEBRA and our “Butterfly Children” members. The project is called “Njegujmo život” (Let’s nurture life) and is part of the global Beauty with a Purpose programme. It is being carried out in cooperation with Kutjevo Plc., the designer Iggy Popović, and fashion blogger Holly Style.

Iggy Popović and Holly Style designed a special edition of Kutjevo’s rosé, which was sold at the 20 county competitions as well as at the Grand Final. Inspired by the project, Iggy went on to design a collection of subtle, rosy dresses that were worn by the contestants, representing the wine and the campaign. The only exception was when they were in Vinkovci – at the opening of the Vinkovačke jeseni folklore festival, the graceful dresses were replaced by folk costumes.

“For something to grow and flourish to its bloom, a lot of care and nurture is needed, just like with a rose flower. Miss Croatia Board of Directors nurture young beautiful women so they could become confident and fulfilled, Kutjevo nurtures its vineyards for the gift of highest quality wine, and the Debra organisation takes care of its butterflies to bring smiles to their faces. Without care and nurture, life would be pointless.”, Igor Popović said.
The evening before the final competition, there was a humanitarian gala dinner organised by the finalists. A part of the dinner was an auction where each of the contestants presented products from her county and which were sold for 6400 kn in total.

We will also be making a video with Tea Mlinarić, Miss Croatia 2017, to show our collaboration on the humanitarian project. The video will be presented by her on the Miss World competition, and if our project is chosen as the best, Tea will become one of the top five finalists in the competition.

Inspiring projects like this are an example of the whole community coming together to work on promoting social inclusivity and support. “Njegujmo život” is entering its last stage, and we are looking forward to what’s ahead.

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