Croatia on EB2017 – 5th World Conference of EB Research and 4th Conference of EB-CLINET

From 24 until 27 September 2017 two conferences were held at the same time in Salzburg (Austria): the EB2017 and EB-CLINET. More than 300 participants from 32 countries gathered to present the news in EB research and its clinical application – “from lab-bench to bedside”.

Scientists, specialists and representatives of DEBRA groups participated in many panels and working groups. Matija Zmazek, the coordinator of our members, was there as one of the few participating patients.

Along with working in cooperation with other DEBRA groups and the umbrella organization DEBRA International, the representatives of DEBRA Croatia are also members of working groups for developing guidelines for the best clinical treatments, work therapy, psychosocial support and hand surgery. All the working groups had meetings at the conference and were able to share the valuable new experience and results as well as pose new questions that need to be addressed.

The president of DEBRA Croatia, Vlasta Zmazek, said that it was interesting to participate in such events because it was the kind of place where one could gain insight into all the current research and most recent information on the stages of the most significant current projects, all of which are in different stages of implementation. This ensures an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, which is necessary for the further development of diagnostics and personalized therapy. Mrs Zmazek also said, “We are especially glad to meet long-time friends and acquaintances as well as make new ones, learn something new as well as share our experiences… but also to confirm that DEBRA Croatia, with all its projects, events and the support it shows its members, can set an example among DEBRA groups.”

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