The campaign on the Cvijetni trg for the occasion of rare diseases

February 24, on the occasion of the International Day of Rare Diseases, a public campaign “Zagrli za rijetke” (Held for the Rare) was held on the Cvjetni trg in Zagreb and at the Cinema of Europe in order to warn of the difficulties encountered by rare diseases. Some of the problems with which ill people and their families are faced are a late diagnosis of illness, poorly organized psychosocial care, unavailability of often overpriced drugs.

Zagreb was the 22nd destination of the campaign, in which the Croatian Association for rare diseases lasted more than two thousand kilometers from February 2, and visited 19 cities to increase the visibility of patients with rare diseases and their families.

DEBRA, as one of the members of the Croatian Association of Rare Diseases, joined the campaign at Zagreb’s Cvjetni trg.

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