300 humanitarian kilometres by bicycle for “Butterfly Children”

A group of four friends launched a fundraiser for Debra via the crowdfunding platform “Čini pravu stvar” and managed to raise 12,700 kn for the accommodation of our members who get their treatment in Zagreb. We are taking this opportunity to express our sincere thanks. You can read more about the fundraiser in the full article.

The project “Biciklom zajedno za djecu leptire” (“Cycling together for butterfly children”) is another proof that kind gestures make a difference and good ideas help create positive change. On their own initiative, a group of four friends came up with and launched a project on the crowdfunding platform “Čini pravu stvar” with the goal of raising funds for the work of our organisation.

The guys cycled for 300 km from Zagreb to Pula, donating a kuna per kilometre and encouraging the public to join in.

“We rode for the butterfly children, instead of them and with them in our thoughts”, Tadija Glasnović said, and added, “The thought that those suffering from epidermolysis bullosa struggle even with everyday tasks motivated us to ignore our own physical limitations and fatigue and to finish the journey quickly and cheerfully.”

Patrick Čibarić, Adnan Dezdani, Tadija Glasnović, and Amir Šoša collected 1200 kn by donating 1 kn per kilometre. Their families, friends and acquaintances pitched in with considerable donations to the cause.

By the end of the event, 12,700 kn had been collected, far more than the 5,000 the group first aimed for. This money is enough to cover the costs for two months of accommodation in Zagreb for our members who go there for treatment.

We are taking this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the guys.

You can read more about this project on the platform “Čini pravu stvar” (in Croatian).

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