DEBRA, Society of Bullous Epidermolysis


The company of bullous epidermolysis has been established with the aim of interconnecting and organizing help and support for patients with rare diseases and their families.


Hereditary bullous epidermolysis is a group of diseases characterized by strong skin sensitivity, and in some patients and mucous membranes,
with the formation of bladder and wound.
Depending on the shape of the wounded whole without or with scarring. In cases of scarring, scarring occurs, most often the fingers on the hands and feet, and the lower mobility of the individual joints.
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29. May 2018.


December 23rd, 2017, the 3rd humanitarian tennis tournament “Doubles 4 others” was held on the terraces of HTK Zagreb (Metalac). We are grateful to the organizers […]
29. May 2018.

The campaign on the Cvijetni trg for the occasion of rare diseases

February 24, on the occasion of the International Day of Rare Diseases, a public campaign “Zagrli za rijetke” (Held for the Rare) was held on the […]
29. May 2018.

Educational Course III. category for nurses and health care professionals

Come to the Educational Course III. category for nurses and health care professionals held at the Children’s Disease Clinic Zagreb, April 20, 2018. Applications are open […]


Debra founded its own social enterprise Debra-djeca leptiri j.d.o.o. with the aim of ensuring a stable and undisturbed work of the Association, which does not depend solely on the amount of donations from public tenders. This is to ensure uninterrupted customer service, which will result in an increase in the quality of their lives. We will populate handmade in Croatia and enable our citizens to make purchases at all times, not just during short-term humanitarian actions.