Volunteer at Debri!

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• sales on stands
• translation of materials
• Support for internet campaign promotion
• production of souvenirs
• Hostess
• writing projects
With the project "Volunteer at Debra", we want young people to acquire new knowledge and skills and thus enhance the sensitivity of bullous epidermolysis patients. We need your help, by raising the volunteerism at Debra, raising the level of consciousness of society and providing our direct support to our spouses in the realization of specific goals in order to improve the quality of work of the Association.

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    Knowledge of foreign languagesTranslationComputer workCommunication skills - sales, standsPublic Relations / MarketingUpdating social networks (face, insta ...)Writing projectsFundraisingMaintenance of computer equipmentLegal Affairs (Making of Contracts, etc ..)Creative work (product development)Graphic designFree time for the socialization of the patients (cinema, coffee, socializing)Teaching - Learning AidCare and care of the personSkills with sensitive social groupsTransportation (possession of driver's license) Notes: Enter what you consider important and not included in the template